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Hello! I am a fine arts painter, with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My primary painting medium is oil and alkyd, and mostly I work in a representational style. My greatest challenge as a painter is to capture the effect of light; and my greatest joy as a painter is to accomplish that. Many thanks to those readers who have been following this blog since Day 1 (May 19, 2008). To those who are visiting for the first time today...Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Going Tropical!

Tropical Garden #1: Ti Plant
Boogie Board Drawing and Adobe Photoshop

As I mentioned in last week's post, I'm staying with my sister and brother-in-law in the Orlando area for a few weeks. After my stroll around their yard last week, I looked to the lovely and colorful tropical plantings on the property for some creative inspiration.

One of the plants that caught my eye is the ti (pronounced "tea") plant, also known as cordyline. The rich green color of its leaves transitions into deep pinks and brilliant magentas towards the tips and edges, making this tropical shrub a real eye catcher in the garden.

The image posted today started out as a Boogie Board drawing, and looked similar to the "Garden Varieties" renderings I posted on this blog over the summer. However, the finished image just seemed so lackluster, so bland. Hmmm....well, of course! It's a tropical plant. It needs color!

Thanks to the digital graphics power of Adobe Photoshop, I was able to add color—and a whole lot of visual excitement—to transform the Boogie Board drawing into the image you see posted today. Available in my ETSY shop at www.ArtByCarolAdamec.ETSY.com.

Thanks for taking a moment to take a look. Enjoy a great week!
Text and image ©2012 Carol L. Adamec. All rights reserved.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Edge of the Woods

Edge of the Woods
Boogie Board Drawing
 Hello, Dear Readers,

I apologize for the many weeks that have passed since my last blog post in August. My time and attention have been occupied with moving my mother into assisted living and preparing for my return to New Mexico next month.

For the next few weeks, while my mother acclimates to her new environment and living situation, I am staying at my sister's house here in Florida. With my painting supplies all packed up and in temporary storage, I have once again turned to my Boogie Board to do some drawing.

Today's post shows a view across the backyard from the breakfast table. My brother-in-law has done a fine job of edging the lawn with colorful tropical plantings, gigantic elephant ears, and a variety of palms. Further, beyond this well maintained area, is a natural greenbelt of dense vegetation that drops down to the river. The greenbelt is home to a variety of wildlife, too—deer, raccoon, owls, and a few alligators that can be heard bellowing on occasion.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post. Enjoy a great week!
Text and image ©2012 Carol L. Adamec. All rights reserved.