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Hello! I am a fine arts painter, with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My primary painting medium is oil and alkyd, and mostly I work in a representational style. My greatest challenge as a painter is to capture the effect of light; and my greatest joy as a painter is to accomplish that. Many thanks to those readers who have been following this blog since Day 1 (May 19, 2008). To those who are visiting for the first time today...Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Now Showing...

Carol L Adamec: "Negoro" 2017, mixed media on rice paper, 6"x6"
..."In a Japanese Garden" at Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin, Missouri, thru December 15.

"Negoro-nuri" is a style of lacquerware developed in Japan during the 12th century. After several coats of black were applied to an object, dish, utensil, or furniture item, a single final coat of vermillion completed the process.

Lacquerware was ideally resistant to water, acid and heat. However, the charm of negoro-nuri was where areas worn from usage exposed the black lacquer beneath the vermillion patina._________________________________________________
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Now Showing...

Carol L. Adamec: "Kimono for Internment" 2017. Mixed media on panel, 20"x20"
..."In a Japanese Garden" at Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin, Missouri, thru December 16.

In 1942, after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II, anti-Japanese hysteria arose in the American public. In response, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order #9066, creating internment camps which imprisoned over 120,000 persons of Japanese descent. 

At least 2/3 of those rounded up and removed from their homes and businesses were American citizens. They were often given only 48 hours notice to pack their suitcases and gather up their children and families to board trains and buses for transport.

During the entire war, only ten people were convicted of spying for Japan. They were all Caucasian.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Now Showing....

Carol L Adamec: "Chaco Kimono" 2017. Original oil, mixed media on panel, 20"x20." Available for purchase: $1,400
... "In A Japanese Garden" at Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin, MO, thru December 16.

The design on this kimono is an adaptation of Anasazi pottery patterns discovered at Chaco Canyon.

Chaco Canyon, located in the northwest region of New Mexico, is a large US National Historical Park, representing the most significant ancient Native American ruins in North America. The inhabitants of Chaco Canyon were the "Anasazi", the "Ancient Ones", the original ancestral Pueblo people of the Southwest.

Between AD 850 and 1250, Chaco Canyon was a major center of culture, religion, and trade for thousands of pueblo people. Because of its archaeological and anthropological significance, Chaco Canyon has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Unfortunately, the importance and preservation needs of the Chaco Canyon site have been ignored by the Trump Administration. Spearheaded by Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke, fracking, oil and gas drilling, and pipeline activities are being expanded in the area with no regard to the wishes of the Native peoples, environmental impact, or consideration to the American citizens' ownership of public lands.

These are OUR National Monuments being auctioned off, at an alarming rate, to companies such as Encana, WPX, Exxon, and others who will make BILLIONS of dollars from our public resources with no obligation to benefit the general public.

For more information about these issues, go to this site: http://www.sanjuancitizens.org

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Now Showing....

Carol L. Adamec: "Crackled Kimono" 2016. Oil, mixed media on panel, 16"x16". Available for purchase: $850

..."In a Japanese Garden" at Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin, Missouri, through December 16.

The pattern on this kimono was inspired by the crackled glazed surface found on Chinese and Japanese ceramic items.

The small areas of gold are "kintsugi", a 500 year-old method of mending broken or flawed pottery using gold. Rather than hiding such repairs, the gold-filled cracks and spaces celebrate the beauty of restoration over replacement.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Now Showing....

Carol L. Adamec: "Red Iris Landscape", 2017, original oil on panel, 12'x12"
..."In a Japanese Garden" at Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin, MO, thru December 16.

As I painted this closeup of a red iris, the image became a landscape for me, with all the grandeur, sweep, and color of the Southwest. I'm still chasing beauty--through realism--after 50 years of painting practice, and still surprised by what can occur using oil, pigment, and a stick with hair on the end.
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Good Time in Joplin...

I arrived in Joplin on October 10 to deliver my work for my show "In a Japanese Garden"...and they already had my name on the wall—a very nice welcome after a long drive from Albuquerque.

The Spiva opening was Friday evening, October 13. It's been 8 years since my last exhibit and visit to Joplin, so the opening was a big event and reunion for me. There was a great crowd for the Spiva Membership show in the Main Gallery and my exhibit in the Regional Gallery. I am so grateful to the many Joplin friends who came to my exhibit to say "Hello." My son, and my sister and mom sent me beautiful bouquets for the opening (Thank you, Erik, Karen and Mom), and "Congrats" arrived by text and email from friends and supporters.

There were 39 pieces in my exhibit, beautifully placed and installed by Spiva's Shaun Conroy and longtime Spiva member and supporter Cleo Copeland. Five works sold (Thank you, Jeff and Dace, Terry, Diana, and new collectors), and I received many complimentary comments on the exhibit.

On Saturday I gave a talk about my inspiration and process for creating the artwork for the exhibit. The attentive audience included several cousins, dear friends, and new friends.

I have so many to thank for their support for me and this exhibit, in particular: My cousin Judy and husband Alan, for their excellent care of my every want and need during my visit. The Spiva folks: Josie Mai, Shaun Conroy, Sarah Clements, Cleo Copeland. Jo "Da Boss" and Don, for lunch, conversation, and photos. Cousins Tracey, Steve and Marsha, for making the trip to Joplin to see me and sharing a fun lunch. My sister April and husband John for supportive texts, the lovely handmade kimono card, and generous gift. My cousin Marilyn in ABQ, for watching over my casita; and my dear friend Sondra at Marlowe Farms for taking care of Scrap.

Thank you ALL!
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sneak Peek #7....

Carol L Adamec: "Garden Varieties 2", 2017, mixed media on rice paper, 11"x14"
Here's another 11"x14" mixed media piece completed for may upcoming exhibit, "In a Japanese Garden", opening next Friday, October 13, at Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin, MO. 

I'll have at least 35 artworks in this exhibit. I'm getting excited to actually see it all hung together to create the ambience of a Japanese Garden!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sneak Peek #6...

Carol L Adamec: "The Road to Mt. Fuji", 2017, mixed media, 14"x11" (framed)

Mt. Fuji, located west of Tokyo on the island of Honshu, is an iconic element featured in many traditional Japanese prints and paintings, as well as contemporary advertising and promotion. Considered one of three sacred mountains in Japan, Mt. Fuji stands over 12,000 feet in height and is snow-capped 5 months out of the year.

Today's post is my version of Mt. Fuji, inspired by the woodcut prints of Hiroshige, Hokusai, and a vintage Japanese matchbook cover. And it was fun to do, too!
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Monday, September 25, 2017

Sneak Peek #5...

Carol L. Adamec: "Double Gold Kimono" 2017, mixed media on rice paper, 14"x11"
Busy! Busy! Busy!

Just two more weeks to work in the studio. Doing the framing at home. Then off to Joplin, Missouri,  for my exhibit, "In a Japanese Garden" opening Friday evening, October 13, at Spiva Center for the Arts.
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