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Hello! I am a fine arts painter, with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My primary painting medium is oil and alkyd, and mostly I work in a representational style. My greatest challenge as a painter is to capture the effect of light; and my greatest joy as a painter is to accomplish that. Many thanks to those readers who have been following this blog since Day 1 (May 19, 2008). To those who are visiting for the first time today...Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Land of Enchanting Weather

Landscape Sketch #11 (Elena Gallegos, Albuquerque)
Original plein air painting, oil on panel, 6"x4"

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You won't hear local folks grumbling about the weather we have been blessed with in Albuquerque this week. It has been sunny, in the high 50's and 60's every day—unusual for January—and we are loving it! 

I was up in the Sandia foothills, painting with the Monday Plein Air Painters, just a few days ago. While enjoying the late afternoon light on the mountains, I completed the painting posted on today's blog.

To all the folks out there coping with winter cold, ice. and snow, be careful!

Text and image ©2014 Carol L. Adamec. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today It's Tulips

Tulips, 2014. Original oil painting on gessoed panel. 4" x 6"
Private Collection

It's been awhile since I've done a floral painting. So it was fun this past weekend to do this oil on panel painting of tulips. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for taking a moment to visit my blogpost. Have a great day.

Text and images ©2014 Carol L. Adamec. All rights reserved.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Path to the Mountains

Landscape Sketch #10, 2013. Original plein air painting.

Anchoring the City of Albuquerque on the east are the Sandia Mountains, a favorite subject of mine for painting "en plein air."

This painting was done from the Sandia foothills area known as Elena Gallegos, on Monday, November 4, 2013, between the hours of 11am-2pm.

There was plenty of sunshine lighting up the landscape, warming the rock-strewn hills and pink granite faces of the mountains.

Thanks for taking a moment to visit my blog. I hope you enjoy a great weekend!
Image & text ©Carol L Adamec, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lingering Autumn

Landscape Sketch #9, 2013. Original oil on panel painted en plein air.
Painted en plein air on November 11, 2013, this is a view of the Sandia Mountains from the Rio Grande Nature Center in Albuquerque on the last gorgeous day of lingering autumn.

Within the next week or so, the weather shifted into winter, with the trees dropping their leaves and snow appearing on the mountain tops.

But what a wonderful glow of light and warmth to enjoy on this afternoon!

Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I hope you are having a wonderful first full week of the New Year.
Image & text ©Carol L Adamec, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Painting for the New Year

"The Clearing", 2013. Oil on gessoed panel. 4x6"
This painting started out as a plein air sketch that I did on a stormy day several months ago, that just didn't come together. I reworked it a couple of times with no improvement, and set it aside on a shelf.

I was in my studio on December 31, and for some reason I was inspired to "clear up" the image. After an hour or so the image did "clear up" and became one of light and hope. I liked that idea.

My astrology friend Eleanor Kibrick believes that 2014 will be a better year than 2013. Perhaps there will be a clearing of the angst and impasse in our lives, our country, our world. That is something to hope for.