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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exhibit Glimpse I

Artist: Louise Pryor
Left: Names of Women Artists Meditation Robe
Right: The Farmer Says Goodbye to the Farm

This is the last day of our Harwood Art Center exhibit, "Be Leaf It or Not"; and I have finally taken time to photograph the work in the show. I thought I would share these photos to give you some idea of the artists' intentions and sensibilities that have been on display for the past month.

The two artworks featured today are by Louise Pryor, one of the artists from California. Louise grew up in California, on land owned by her family for over 150 years. For many years she was a serious Zen student of Buddhist teachings.

Louise has chosen fabric as her medium. As stated in her Artist's Statement, "I explore ideas with cloth...Because my way to the universal is through the deeply personal, I choose clothing shapes from my life experience. I wore Zen meditation robes and Sacramento Valley farmers clothing for many years....The transparent and radiant cloth mirrors our transparent and radiant existence."

Both artworks are lifesize and exquisitely crafted. The Meditation Robe has individual canvas leaves sewn onto a kimono-style robe made of sheer metallic silk in a light color. Each leaf bears the name (or signature) of a women artist—some famous and many who work and create outside the mainstream of contemporary art. Nevertheless, on Louise's Robe, all are equally honored.

The Farmer's suit is constructed of the same material in a rich earth color, except the leaves are sewn within the interior of the shirt and pants. For me, this piece speaks to the physical and spiritual connection of mankind to the land which provides for all of earth's creatures.

If you would like to comment on Louise's work, you may do so by clicking the "COMMENTS" link below (Louise reads this blog, too!) Or drop me an email and I'll forward your response to her.

Thanks for taking a moment to read today's entry. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.
Images ©Louise Pryor, text ©Carol Adamec. All rights reserved.

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