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Hello! I am a fine arts painter, with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My primary painting medium is oil and alkyd, and mostly I work in a representational style. My greatest challenge as a painter is to capture the effect of light; and my greatest joy as a painter is to accomplish that. Many thanks to those readers who have been following this blog since Day 1 (May 19, 2008). To those who are visiting for the first time today...Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lunch Becomes Art

"Hard Boiled Egg" 2010
Original oil, alkyd on 6" x 8" panel

About 20 years ago, I attended a Chinese painting demonstration given by artist Cecilia Lin in her Memphis studio. She stood at a table, a large sheet of rice paper spread before her. She became very quiet, very still, very focused, holding a brush loaded with black ink over the paper. Suddenly, with a few quick and decisive strokes, a fully alive koi splashed its way across the sheet. I was amazed.

I thought of Cecilia Lin and her masterful skill and speed while considering what to work on in my studio last week. One of my (as of yet) unattained goals is to paint more quickly, like the Daily Painters who can finish at least one small painting a day.

So, my subject matter for painting that day became the hard boiled egg I'd brought for lunch. One must work quickly when painting food items, as the heat from the studio spotlights will affect the color, texture, and even the shape of some foods—like the jalapenos that turned yellow, then red, and got so "hot" they made my eyes water after a few days under the lights.

It took about four hours to render this simple "still life" from direct observation, but I was pleased to have it completed in "record breaking time"...at least for me.

Thanks for taking a moment to visit my blog. Enjoy a great week!

PS: Many thanks to those who emailed to let me know you're glad to see my blog is back in publication. I truly appreciate your readership, support, and encouragement. It's fun to know you're out there!

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Sonny said...

Eggs! A perfect choice for a new beginning. Nicely done!

Carol Adamec said...

Thanks, Sonny, for your comment and compliment. I appreciate your input.

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