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Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to Wekiva Island

Original oil, alkyd on canvas panel • 5" x 7"
Available to purchase at Daily Paintworks
Yikes! Time flies when one is getting ready for the holidays!

It's been two weeks since my last blog post; and I have to admit that I've not been in the studio much. However, I did get out last Saturday morning, meeting up with a couple of the Central Florida Plein Air artists at Wekiva Island.

I painted at Wekiva last April. You may recall the photo I posted of the alligator sunning on the lawn where I had hoped to set up my easel? Well, this time I was greeted by 5 deer that ran out from the surrounding woods, just as I was driving into the parking area. My sister contends that I have a lot of "wildlife encounters." I guess she's right!

Anyway, it was a rather atypical Florida morning: fairly cool (I actually had on a fleece hoodie); overcast (I thought it was going to rain any minute); and most surprising, there was autumn color on the trees!

The challenge of painting on an overcast day is capturing the more subtle color shifts in the scenery while keeping it interesting. Since I began with a canvas toned with a burnt orange, I let a lot of that warm color come through for the branches and trunks of the trees. I think it plays off well against the cool colors of the sky and water.

Around noon the sun came out and the clouds floated away. What a difference the dazzling sunlight made! It's like turning on the lights on the Christmas tree. Although it was tempting to brighten up everything, I resisted (Now, that's unusual for me!) And I'm glad I did.
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