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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year Possibilities

Frostbitten, 2011
Original painting: oil, alkyd
on 3" x 5" panel, unframed
To purchase, contact Artist.

I always look forward to the New Year. I usually spend the first few days of the New Year making a fresh list of what I'd like to accomplish in my studio with the brand new, 52 weeks that lie ahead.

Rather than calling it a "New Year's Resolutions" list, which sounds like a lot of dreadful to-do tasks I'd rather avoid, I've named it my "New Year's Possibilities", which sounds much more enticing, exciting, creative, even adventuresome!

One of my possibilities for 2011 is to paint from direct observation than from photographs. Another possibility on my list is to work with a limited color palette, i.e, using just a few basic colors. So today's post is my first new painting of 2011, done from direct observation, using the following hues: Yellow-orange, red-violet, blue-green, burnt umber, and white.

Living in Florida, I have a small tangerine tree with bright orange fruits on it, growing in the front yard. Several days ago a cold snap "bruised" some of the fruit, leaving red-violet blotches on the skins. I picked these fruits off the tree and set them up in my studio as a little still life. I must say I am pleased with the results of trying out a couple of my new possibilities.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope your New Year is off to a great start, too.

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