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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Painting Like Monet

Lake Bridge, 2011
Original oil on canvas panel
4.5" x 5" unframed • N/A

I trust that all you faithful Readers out there have recovered from your Thanksgiving feasts and survived the traditional weekend shopping binge. True Confession time: I stuffed myself at the relatives' house (Thank you, Elena and Praveen for a wonderful dinner!) and cyber-shopped for 3 days.

However, the Saturday before all the hub-bub, I went with the local plein air painting group and enjoyed a quiet morning, sitting at the shore of Lake Lily in Orlando, painting the waterlilies, like Monet. Since I am in Florida again, I may as well take this opportunity to practice painting water, especially since it is so plentiful here. There are hundreds of lakes—large and small—all over this city, and Lake Lily is a nice one.

This first attempt started out as a 5" x 7" painting. Over the weekend, I cropped it; and then cropped it again, down to the current size (4.5" x 5"), as the composition of the original version was just never going to "work." I wonder if Monet ever had to do that?

Thanks for taking a look and have a great week.
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