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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Plein Air, Day 3

WIP: The ChewChew Station
Oil, alkyd on gessoed canvas panel
6" x 8"

This was the third and final day of the Mt. Dora plein air workshop with Gregg Kreutz . And it was another hot day (around 90 degrees). I actually got sunburned!

After Gregg did an inspiring painting demo of the marina first thing in the morning, I headed back into town. Even though yesterday's train station painting didn't turn out the way I had hoped, I still had the bug to do the old train car. Next to the train car, there's a modest diner called, The Chew Chew Express, which hosts a casual outdoor patio. The umbrella tables in bright morning sun in front of the old train car caught my eye.

I remember attending an artist talk by photographer Sandy Skoglund, who discussed how the background of an image lets the viewer know where they are. I was sure to paint in a few palm trees amidst the greenery, since this is Florida I am painting!

I have a few more touch ups on this painting, and it's done. Thanks for taking a look and following along with my plein air workshop this week.

See you next week!
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