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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Power of Art

Garden Varieties #6
Original Drawing, Boogie Board Tablet
"I believe our memories have a much better idea
about what is art than our eyes do...."  
 —William F. Reese

Many thanks to those readers who left nice comments or emailed me kind remarks about the Boogie Board tablet drawings posted last week. I appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement!

Today I would like to share one email in particular. It's from my sister, writing about my drawing and connecting it to memories of her daughter Emily, who is all grown up now and will be married next Saturday. 
"When Emily was little, there were no houses at the end of our block—it was all woods and weeds. We used to take a walk in the early mornings during warm weather to see a cluster of morning glories in full bloom. We would go to "see the colors" and count how many there were altogether and how many of each color.

"A few years ago sewer lines were put in and the land at the end of the block was "developed". There are now several homes lining the cul de sac. The other morning I took a walk and looked for the morning glories, but they were gone. Yet in my mind's eye I saw a little girl with a head of wild yellow curls bending over a thicket of blooms, marveling at the beauty of the colors and carefully counting, "1, 2, 3 blue ones, Mama!" (the blue ones were her favorite).
"Your drawing reminds me of those sweet moments shared so very long ago. There is a certain irony that your drawing, like the morning glories, is only temporary. I find that sad somehow, but I am thankful you shared it with me, if only for moment."
Thanks for taking a look. Have a wonderful day.

Text and image ©2012 Carol L. Adamec. All rights reserved.


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Your sister is very eloquent. I really enjoyed your post here.