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Friday, July 13, 2012

Garden Varieties #8...Done!

Garden Varieties #8
Original Drawing, Boogie Board Tablet

As promised, here is the completed version of yesterday's Boogie Board drawing Garden Varieties #8.

I must admit that I did not take a good photo of the completed drawing (and I pushed that "erase" button too soon!) So I compensated by doing far more tweaking of the image on my desktop in Adobe Photoshop Elements than usual. I am hoping that the end justifies the means.

Now, to answer this question from a few readers:

Will prints of your Boogie Board drawings be available?

This week I started printing out the completed Boogie Board drawings onto different rice papers. I like printing on rice paper because of the natural color and the texture of the paper. It makes each print truly unique, since the surface of the paper is varied and takes the ink differently each time.

Since the rice papers are a natural color rather than white, the final colors in the prints are varied. Some look just great, and other prints are less striking. So I am in the "Artist's Proof" stage of production. I'll let you know when the prints will be ready for purchase, perhaps by next week. Thank you for asking!

To all my readers, thank you for taking a moment to read this post. I very much appreciate it. Enjoy a nice weekend.

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Kristen said...

Lookin' good, Carol. This might be my favorite so far.

Carol Adamec said...

Well, thank you so much, Kristen. I appreciate you following my drawing series.