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Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Fun Boogie

Boogie Board Drawing by Renee Adamec
Summertime is fun time, and I had a blast taking my 18-year old granddaughter around to the Florida beaches and tourist sites while she was visiting me.

We perused the show at the Orlando Museum of Art, drove over to the new Dali Museum in Tampa for the day, enjoyed "Nunsense" at the Winter Park Playhouse one evening, spent a day at Universal Studios to experience the Harry Potter attraction (I did ride one roller coaster!), and beached on both the Gulf side and the Atlantic side.

And we drew on the Boogie Board too!

One evening while I made dinner, Renee took up the Boogie Board and drew the design posted here today. She really enjoyed the smooth drawing surface and drawing easy.

Since my last post a month ago, I also acquired a Boogie Board RIP, another iMPROV Electronics product that I mentioned back in July. It's a bit larger in size, has the save feature, and connects to the computer for direct upload. I've done a bit of scribbling on it, just to get acquainted with how it operates. I'll be posting more information about that tablet in a future post.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post. I very much appreciate it. Enjoy a great weekend!

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Kristen E. said...

I guess the 'amazing drawer/artist' genes just run in the family, huh? :)