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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finding Inspiration on the Shelf

Carol Adamec

Acoma I
Original, mixed media
on gessoed panel
14" x 6" approx.

Acoma pottery

Last Saturday I had hoped to paint outdoors. However, the day was a windy and rainy—great weather for desert dwellers, but not so great for plein air painters. Still determined to at least begin a painting, I looked around the house for subject matter.

On a shelf in the living room sits a wonderful piece of Acoma pottery. (Acoma, one of the pueblos to the west of Albuquerque, is also known as "Sky City, since it sits on a mesa. It has a very interesting history and is still occupied today. A must see when you visit New Mexico.)

For some time, I've admired the design made of crisp line work and dense blacks on a white ground. Rather than do a "portrait" of the pottery, I decided to "deconstruct" the design—that is, use the various elements to create an abstract composition.

First I laid out the composition and design on a gessoed panel in pencil using a ruler and compass. Since the Acoma artist painted the pottery piece freehand, I challenged myself to do the inking by hand...and it was a challenge! Although my design is more precise, the original Acoma pottery painting is done with ease and flow...a characteristic that I would like to develop in my own work.

So Saturday was a good art day, finding inspiration—and a challenge—on the shelf.

Many thanks for taking a moment to read today's post. See you Friday. ———————————————————————————————————————————
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Flying Colors said...

So Beautiful!
Love everything you approach art wise :)