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Monday, November 17, 2008

In a Galaxy, Far Far Away....

As I mentioned last Monday, I was up in Santa Fe on Sunday afternoon. Enroute to the NM Museum of Art, I saw this mailbox. Those of you "young" enough to remember—or who had kids back in the 70's—will recognize this mailbox dressed up to look like R2D2, the little droid from the Star Wars movie that was so popular 30 years ago.

The web address on the mailbox is www.uspsjedimaster.com—which is a registered domain of the US Post Office....but there's no website. No problem, as plenty of other folks have created website with info and "sightings."

For those of you who are wondering if there's an R2D2 mailbox in your neighborhood or city, check out this site link below, which is a US map with pictures and locations of the Star Wars mailboxes across the United States.


So, until Thursday's post, "May the Force be with you."


Flying Colors said...

There's one in Nashville on 2nd & Broadway. I'm going over there soon to check it out. T
his is fun, thanks for telling and showing Carol!

thoraguinn said...

I have just finished looking at all posted paintings and comment and it was so interesting and lovely to look at. I know that you will be conducting a panel on ways to show and sell art at the January evening Rainbow Artists meeting in Albuquerque. If you care to invite any of your viewers, please do so - I'm sure they would enjoy hearing directly from you. best regards, Thora