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Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Trails & Painted Ponies

Running with the Ancestors
by Carol Adamec
A Trail of Painted Ponies Figurine
Signed 1st and 2nd Editions Available.
Contact Artist to purchase.

I am surely one of the luckiest people in the world! Among my many blessings, I am fortunate to be an "Official Trail of Painted Ponies Artist."

(For information about how the Trail of Painted Ponies began, you can go to the "Trail" website: http://www.trailofpaintedponies.com/au-tale-trail.htm. It's a fascinating success story that began with an idea that brought together art and business to benefit many good causes.)

My involvement with "The Trail" began back in 2001, when I went up to Santa Fe to see a public showing of The Trail of Painted Ponies. I was awed and inspired by the incredible display of ingenuity and talent rendered on full size horses made of resin. Within a few months I had submitted a pony design for consideration.

In 2002 I was contacted by Jardin de los Niños, a nonprofit daycare center for homeless children, located in Las Cruces, NM. They commissioned me to create the original Running with the Ancestors Masterwork for "A Herd of Help" fundraiser sponsored by their organization, Sunland Park Race Track, and The Trail of Painted Ponies, Inc.

In creating Running with the Ancestors, I turned to the imagery found in the caves of Lascaux, France, and Altamira, Spain, where grand drawings of horses on rock walls were both magical and beautiful. Still today the horse remains a powerful icon of freedom and spirit, present in the action pose of the Painted Pony form itself.

After several weeks of painting, my original pony was ready to go to Las Cruces. Running with the Ancestors was auctioned on March 29, 2003, at a gala fundraising event and sold for $2,700 to a private collector.

In June 2005 the Trail of Painted Ponies released my design as a 6" figurine. It was fun to have friends and family call me with "pony sightings" when they would see Running with the Ancestors figurines on display in gift shops, department stores, and other retail locations.

Through eBay and other venues, I am pleased to offer my own limited edition of signed and numbered Running with the Ancestors figurines.

I also offer art prints of The Ancestors, an original artwork I based my Painted Pony design on.
The Ancestors is available as a signed and numbered limited edition giclée on 12"x16" stretched canvas and as an open edition signed art print on paper.

If you have an art enthusiast or horse lover in your life, perhaps a Painted Pony would be a great gift for a special occasion or the upcoming holidays.

As an artist, it is an honor to be a Painted Pony artist and to have my design issued as a figurine. And I am very grateful for the enthusiastic response from so many collectors, friends, and fans who have purchased them. Thanks to All of You!


Image and text © 2008 Carol Adamec. All rights reserved.

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