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Monday, November 24, 2008

Second Versions

Morning Tulips II, 2008
by Carol Adamec

Oil on Italian canvas panel
Framed Size: 7.5" x 9.5"

Many apologies to my faithful readers! I am "off schedule" having missed my posting last Thursday, and now today, I am finally uploading this entry late on Monday.

I have been invited to send a group of small floral paintings to Memphis for inclusion in the L Ross Gallery holiday exhibit which opens in December. I have been reworking and varnishing the paintings, and making frames...my least favorite art-related activity, but a necessary one when putting work in shows. Since these paintings are small and I like the viewer to see the whole image, I "float" frame so that all four edges are exposed.

The image above is familiar to those of you who have been reading along since I began this blog in May. The first version of "Morning Tulips" appeared on May 21 and sold in the September show at the Harwood Art Center. This painting is "Morning Tulips II", a second version. If you compare the two paintings closely, they are different in subtle ways.

I usually don't paint second versions of my paintings, as I am more interested in painting a "new" image...or just keep painting on the first version to get it the way I want. But this second version was a pleasure to do.

Thanks for taking a moment to visit my blogsite.

To all my loved ones, friends, and readers:
May you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Text and image ©Carol Adamec 2008. All rights reserved.

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Flying Colors said...

Yeah, you are back! Beautiful piece... congratulations on exhibiting in Memphis TN. Best to you and your gorgeous work :)

I have tagged you with the ABC tag, go here:

This will get you back on the swing of blogging :)

Have a great THANKSGIVING... come to Nashville.