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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Try, Try Again...

Florida Pines, 2011
Original: oil, alkyd on 5" x 3.5" panel
Framed size: 7" x 5
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Wow! I received so many positive responses via email regarding the Sunset Strip #1 painting I posted last week. Many thanks to all of you who took a moment to give me your feedback and comments.

It seems that the long horizontal format is a hit, with several of you suggesting cool places where such a format could be installed. I, too, have been looking around my house, noticing all kinds of places a long strip--horizontal OR vertical--could go. There are a lot more niches for that format than a regular, rectangular painting, as I see it. And, yes, the Sunset Strip paintings will be for sale, once I figure out the postage costs and shipping logistics.

Today's painting may look familiar to my longtime readers, as it was posted 'way back on June 29, 2008. Since then, I framed the painting, and it has been hanging on my studio wall, nagging me to do "something" to give it a little zing, or "wow" factor. (Another lesson learned: Framing will not improve a boring painting.)

Since I'm on a sunset kick, I decided to give those Florida pines a more interesting and colorful background. I think a Florida sunset was a good solution, eh?

Thanks for taking a look. See you next week.
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