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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Plein Air Fingerpainting

Plein Air Landscape Sketch #6,  2013. Original oil on gessoed panel, 4"x6"
Private Collection
As I've mentioned before, autumn in New Mexico is truly beautiful. The air is clear and crisp, and this year is especially colorful with all the cottonwoods decked out hues from bright yellow to deep gold.

Knowing that the leaves won't stay on the trees forever, I was itching to get out to plein air paint but had commitments for paintings that required time in my studio all week. Finally, I broke away on a Sunday afternoon and headed for the Sandia Mountains. I got all set up, ready to paint, and realized I had forgotten my paint brushes at home. Ugh!

Going back home was out of the question. The daylight would be gone by the time I made the trip there and back. I scrounged around in my car and came up with one #8 flat brush, a Q tip…and my finger…just enough to get this landscape sketch "painted."

When I got home, I cleaned up a few edges and added a few details. Not bad. I may try this "technique" again.

Thanks for taking a moment to view my blog. Have a great day.
Image & text ©Carol L Adamec, 2013

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