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Monday, November 11, 2013

Truth or Beauty?

Landscape Sketch #7 (Nightfall),  2013. Original oil on panel, 4"x6"
(Private Collection)

Most of the time I go out during the day to paint en plein air. However, with the days getting shorter and the light having such a different quality now than during the summer months, I've been painting in the late afternoon.

A few weeks ago, just about 45 minutes before sunset, I drove down the road from home to a pull-off that has a great view of the Sandia Mountains. I set up and quickly painted the mountains while they still had some fading light on them. I intended to wait for moonrise, with the light coming up behind the mountains, to capture the full moon that evening.

I had checked the moonrise time for that day (You really can find out everything on the internet!), which meant waiting another an hour and 40 minutes before I could finish my painting. I had a little lantern to provide light on my palette for mixing paint and seeing my panel. I waited, and waited, and waited. One by one the stars came out, faint blurs of light in the sky until the night deepened. But no moonrise. Hmmmm....

So I packed my gear up, drove home, and again checked the information on the internet. Moonrise was at the time specified, but on the east side of the mountains. The moon did come into view that evening, about 45 minutes later than I expected, but behind the clouds that had rolled in. So my intended painting remained unfinished.

A few days later in the studio, I painted in the sky with a color that appealed to me and added a sprinkling of silver points of starlight that I had seen that night. Not entirely a truthful rending but still a beautiful result, I think.

Thank you for taking a moment to view my blog. Hope your week is off to a great start.
Image & text ©Carol L Adamec, 2013

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