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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Painting from Memory

"Rose Glow" 2008
Original, oil on panel
7" x 5"


This painting began as a little set up that I was painting from direct observation. I had most of it completed, except the rose. I had the colors right, but not the overlapping of the petals.

The next morning when I arrived at the studio, the poor little rose was limp and the petals shriveled. So much for working from observation!

Having looked at the rose for several hours the day before, I recalled how the rose petals looked and was able to complete the painting. Thank goodness for memory!

One could argue that an artist is always working from memory, whether painting from a photograph, a sketch, or even "live." The image still exists in the mind—not just in the eye—of the artist.

Many thanks for taking the time to look at my artwork and read this post. You are welcome to forward this blog to others, too. Please, do leave a comment!

I hope your Monday is a pleasant one.
See you Wednesday.
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Flying Colors said...

This little flower is a beaut! And charming, it has personality. Hugs!

Ann said...

Your fans are happy to know your memory is functioning at optimal speed!

Carol Adamec said...

Well, I only had to rely on my "short term" memory! :-) Thanks for your comments.

April said...

Simple, exquisite, the ordinary revealing the extraordinary. As soon as I saw "Rose Glow" I smiled. I experienced the same sense of delight I enjoy when I go for a walk by the lake. Well done, Carol.

"Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary." Amedee Ozenfant